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In honor of the resurrection of Christ...

Talkin’ Turkey 11 April 2020

Following His Guidance

For most of us, we go throughout our existence looking for the meaning of life. Did you know that there is an actual manuscript to guide us on our journey? It was the very first book printed. It was the very first book translated into not only another language but many languages. No matter what kind of guidance you need, you’ll find it in this book. That’s right! The Holy Bible!! Written by men…inspired by God!!! Absolutely every piece of the past written in the Bible has happened and can be proven throughout history. So, why…why would you doubt that the rest of what the Bible has to say will come true as well? I’m telling you right now, it will! You can count on it!! The Holy Bible is our manual for life and how we should live and believe. Now, I will try to impart some of that guidance to you.

Pain is what leads most of us into our longest and hardest journey. Our pain can break us. But it always has a purpose and if we open our hearts, minds, and souls to what God has to offer, it can also lead to our healing. Healing isn’t just for our bodies. It’s for our hearts, minds, and souls as well. Pain exposes us to a deeper understanding of reality. Especially of God’s Will for our lives. God is with us…always!! He has sent us an open invitation to choose His way instead of ours.

Journeys can be geographical or perceptual. Some of the most profound journeys are perceptual. In the Gospel of Luke, two of Jesus’ disciples were walking after the crucifixion of Christ. They were discussing reports of women, that the men brushed off as nonsense. Unbeknownst to them, Jesus join them in their walk and was listening as they spoke. They felt helpless and hopeless. Just as Jesus joined the disciples in their journey, He will join us wherever we are. He does this to invite us to trust in Him. He invites us to accept Him. In accepting Him, we accept His way and His Will. These disciples didn’t recognize this man as Jesus, as sometimes we don’t. Our tears of pain can blind us to Jesus and what He has to offer. God sent Jesus to us out of love. He created us out of love. God sees all from a Heavenly viewpoint. Jesus died, was resurrected, and ascended into heaven, all so we could be cleansed of our sins and be saved. God listens to us as we tell Him our stories just as Jesus listened to the disciples as they traveled. If He didn’t abandon these two men, I can guarantee that He will NEVER abandon you!!!

Just when things are at their worst, and you think that you just can’t take anymore, something will happen to turn your thinking on its axis. I know you’ve heard the expression, “This isn’t the end, but just the beginning”. That’s exactly what God’s Will is for us. Every day with Jesus is a new day, full of new meaning, and with a brand new beginning. Not even the grave could defeat Jesus! As a follower of Jesus, it can not defeat us, because through Jesus we have eternal life. Jesus told His disciples many times, that His crucifixion was not to be the end, but a beautiful and glorious beginning. Yet in Luke Chapter 24, those two disciples were rendered helpless and hopeless over the death of Christ. So much so, that they didn’t even realize that it was He who was traveling with them. Even when it is hard to imagine that there is any good left in your life, or even in the world, God has a way of using His ability to turn all things to the good for those who love Him. That is repeated in Romans Chapter 8 Verse 28, “And know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose”. (KJV).

Sin began in the Garden of Eden and was supposed to be the end of humanity. It wasn’t though. It never will be. Because God gave us a Savior, when He sent His only Son, in the flesh, to cleanse us of our sins. From the dawn of Creation, God has been guiding us through our hardships, fears, pain, tears, hunger, feasts, prosperity, poverty, love, and hate. Let Him guide you now. He will never let you down. Accept God’s gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Let Him guide you. Trust in Him to make a new beginning for you!

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